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Our support goes beyond great recruitment solutions. Head2Head’s training and consulting services can help you drive efficiencies across your full talent management process.


Struggling to make the most of limited resources? Not achieving the results you need? In a recruitment audit, Head2Head examines 25 critical success factors of your internal recruitment function to fully diagnose strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. Then, in collaboration with your team, we build a plan for focused, effective change. Your recruitment audit report can also form a strong foundation for an RFP or other formal procurement process.


Want to improve the effectiveness of your internal team? Head2Head’s training programs can provide your Recruiters and Hiring Managers with a solid grounding in recruitment basics and best practices, or develop specialized skills to take your team to the next level. Some of our most popular training sessions include "Social Media for Recruiters," "Advanced LinkedIn Techniques," and "Behavioural Interviewing for Hiring Managers."

HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTING - sales jobs in surrey

Are important HR initiatives languishing due to lack of manpower or funds? Head2Head’s Human Resources consulting services provide assistance with your strategic HR issues – for a fraction of the cost of additional internal headcount. Our experienced HR consultants provide temporary support and advice for a wide range of areas, including but not limited to:
  • Developing company policies, employee handbooks, and other materials to ensure compliance with Canadian standards and legislation
  • HR strategy, planning, and procedures development
  • Talent planning, acquisition, orientation, and onboarding
  • Performance assessment and management
  • Support for mergers and acquisitions, internal restructuring, or employee terminations


Do you lack an internal Human Resources team, or require specialized HR assistance? Establishing a presence in the Canadian market? With Head2Head’s HR On-Call, Human Resources specialists are just a phone call away. You can connect to a highly experienced HR practitioner during business hours for real time information and advice on current Canadian HR practices, policies, and legislation.


Considering or implementing a payroll solution? Head2Head provides specialized consulting services to assist companies during the implementation and transition to a large-scale payroll solution. Our on-site payroll consultants support and assist your internal team to ensure that the transition is conducted quickly, effectively, and seamlessly. Head2Head can also provide short-term payroll implementations to address your immediate needs.

Interested in more information, or wondering how Head2Head can customize a program for your needs? Please contact .