Think of Head2Head as a virtual extension of your recruitment function. From small projects to managed recruitment solutions and full Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), we provide as-needed support, specialized capabilities, and the capacity to handle even your most daunting recruitment challenges.

Head2Head’s flexible approach spans three categories.


At the Staff level, Head2Head provides an on-site contract recruiter or recruitment team for your business.

Our contract recruiters work under your direction, using your tools and templates, in full compliance with your recruitment process and policies. Recruiters are selected for the unique demands of your organization, industry, and anticipated hiring needs. We serve customers effectively in locations across Canada.

Make as many hires as you require. You only pay for the recruiters’ time.


At the Services level, Head2Head delivers as-needed support to augment your internal recruitment capacity. Services may cover any part of the recruitment lifecycle, including name generation, resume screening, phone interviews, background checks, and more.

You retain full ownership of your recruitment process, brand, and end-to-end methodology. Head2Head manages the allocation of specialized recruitment resources to assist your team to achieve your hiring goals.

Engage only the help you need, when you need it.

SOLUTIONS - national sales jobs

At the Solutions level, Head2Head shares accountability for identified components of your end-to-end recruitment process.

As a seamless extension of your organization, Head2Head creates a sustainable recruitment process that helps you do more with less. We collaborate with your team, promoting your brand, and delivering an exemplary candidate experience.

We deliver according to defined metrics and KPIs – but our true measure of achievement is your success.


We won’t box you in. Have a challenge that doesn’t fit in a neat category? No problem. Head2Head’s hybrid approach allows you to pick and choose the support and augmentation you require from any category, delivered according to your needs.

We also offer an innovative program, "Recruitment On Demand," which provides as-needed access to recruitment process support and administration.

Let’s put our heads together and develop the right solution for your business.
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