Services de soutien pour la paie et les RH d'ADP et de Head2Head - recruitment companies london

Les consultants et les spécialistes de Head2Head ont reçu une formation sur les produits et services d’ADP et peuvent participer à la mise en oeuvre de votre solution ADP.

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ADP and Head2Head: Payroll and HR Support Services - recruitment companies london

To add even more value to clients' businesses, ADP Canada has partnered with Head2Head for specialized Human Resources and Payroll support services. Download a detailed datasheet to discover the range of services Head2Head offers to ADP customers, or click to read more.

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Start the Conversation - recruitment companies london

Engaging Generation Y Through Social Media

Generation Y, or "Millennials," present unique talent acquisition challenges, as many traditional recruitment methods fail to connect with this growing candidate pool. In this whitepaper, Head2Head's Kim Benedict discusses how to best use social media tools to attract and engage Gen Y talent.

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Checklist: Developing Your Employee Value Proposition - recruitment companies london

This checklist can assist in the development in an effective Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to support recruiting and employee engagement initiatives. Your EVP encompasses all the tangible and non-tangible benefits that your organization provides in return for the employee’s time, effort, and productivity. While compensation plays a part in any company’s full EVP, your EVP is far more than salary and benefits. EVP statements commonly include areas such as corporate culture, rewards, management style, training and development, advancement opportunities, and unique corporate policies.

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Recruiters Rescue the Bullied - recruitment companies london

The public perception of recruiters would improve if people talked about how they were rescued from toxic professional situations. In particular, being bullied or ganged up on by one's co-workers. Read More

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Older Workers: Forget the Hair Dye and Botox - recruitment companies london

If you're worried about competing with younger workers, forget about the facelift, the hair color and even the botox treatment you've scheduled. According to a new study, your time will be better spent dusting off your diploma, not trying to look younger. Read More

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Building Your Resume: IT Professionals - recruitment companies london

In a highly competitive field like IT, it can be difficult to set yourself apart. Ensuring your resume is clear, concise and relevant can help keep you at the top of the heap, and first in the mind of IT recruiters. Not sure where to begin? Use this guideline to get started! Read More

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Two Facts About Recruiting to Save Money - recruitment companies london

There are two things all of us know about the recruiting industry and growth:

1. Overall spending on recruiting hasn't risen, compared to other professional services, over the past decade.

2. Individual recruiters are earning more - between 6 and 15% more. Read More

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The Feiler Faster Thesis: the most important concept you've never heard of - recruitment companies london

The last thing any of us need is some new acronym-defined term to describe a phenomenon arising from the way the internet is changing the world.

However, the Feiler Faster Thesis (FFT) is one you should be aware of, because it defines a concept which will increasingly affect recruiting, especially in countries like Canada where we have some of the highest internet-adoption rates in the world. Read More

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The Best Offense Is a Good Defence - recruitment companies london

When recruiting for a particular role, it helps to know the competitive landscape. Current availability and demand for needed skills will affect all aspects of your strategy, from timelines for taking action with candidates to how selective you can be for new hires. Read More

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Spread Your Recruitment Message With Great Media Coverage - recruitment companies london

While media attention is always something of a crapshoot - if your release happens to go out the same week that a tsunami hits Vancouver, then it doesn't matter how great your story is, you're probably not going to get much traction. On the other hand, the reverse is also true: during a slow news week, your media release on ‘Trends in Office Dress Codes’ may end up getting a full-page feature. Read More

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If your recruitment department slows down in the summer months, it's a great time to get a start on planning for fall. As the economy continues to improve, the majority of Canadian organizations say they plan to increase hiring volume throughout 2010. Here are three ways you can ensure you'll stay ahead in the war for top talent: Read More

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Onboarding: An easy way to add value - recruitment companies london

If no one else is leading the onboarding process, why not do it yourself?

The other day, we posted an article about how recruiting is changing, and how today's recruitment professionals face both great opportunities to become recognized as more strategic players, and great challenges, such as delivering demonstrable ROI.

One great way to do both? Grab the reins of the onboarding process. Read More

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Millennials: Even Less Likely to Follow the Rules - recruitment companies london

It's time for yet another new demographic revolution.

While the oldest members of Generation Y turn 30, recruiters and consultants alike are starting to turn their attention toward the Millennials, the next generation to enter the work force. That means that the span between the oldest and youngest workers is five generations wide. Read More

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Is Fat a Recruitment Issue? - recruitment companies london

How many hours will you spend sitting around today? Read More

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Generation Y Needs Early Job Search Support - recruitment companies london

Amidst all discussion about Gen Y, their communication styles, their lack of job satisfaction, and their workplace expectations, one of the most important topics is how to best to support this generation so that they can take on more responsibility earlier and fill shortages in the workforce. Read More

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Experimental Philosophy: An interpretation for recruiters - recruitment companies london

Imagine a business executive who thinks: “I know that this new policy will harm the environment, but I don’t care at all about that – I just want to increase profits.” Read More

Tags: best practices, social responsibility, theory, thought leadership

Computing for a Cause: Creating the Next Generation of Tech Experts - recruitment companies london

Want to hear about a scary trend?

The number of computer science majors in American universities has been falling. Read More

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Check Your Tone - recruitment companies london

Keeping the ‘social’ in social media

You have embraced social media as part of your recruiting strategy.

You have an active Twitter feed, you contribute regularly to your LinkedIn groups and you make sure to share your open job posts on your Facebook feed – all while linking back to your organization’s career page. Read More

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Client management: Learn from my mistakes - recruitment companies london

Have you ever had a client that just didn’t seem to get it, even after having signed an agreement? Read More

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Consider Yourself Branded - recruitment companies london

Communicating a Powerful Employment Brand

It’s an accepted fact: done right, good branding will attract a loyal following.

Your organization may have your consumer branding all figured out, but have you considered how it may differ from your employment brand? Or the ways in which a strong brand can help you attract the right candidates? Read More

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Are You Fully LinkedIn? - recruitment companies london

Part Two: Getting the most out of your LinkedIn presence

In our last article, we discussed the methods recruiters are using to source candidates on LinkedIn. Today we discuss how to attract and impress recruiters in your industry, with our top five tips for optimizing your profile. Read More

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Are 'vacation allowances' a thing of the past? - recruitment companies london

Unstructured vacation time is becoming more popular with some big-name brands.

The recruiting profession has never been a straight 9-to-5 job, and the advent of technology has definitely made it more of a 24/7/365 career than ever before. But even though most of us are checking emails at 11pm, screening candidates on Saturdays, and negotiating offers during what was supposed to be a week away from the office, those extra hours aren't being 'credited' to us - we've come to think that they're just part of the job. Read More

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So...what have you done with your database lately? - recruitment companies london

Your ATS is filled with great people.When was the last time you used it?

If you're like most recruiters, these days, when you need to fill a role, your first thought is to find a great passive candidate on LinkedIn rather than searching your existing ATS database. Read More

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Monitoring Employees' use of LinkedIn: Good business, or Big Brother? - recruitment companies london

New software allows companies to monitor employees' LinkedIn profiles.

Here at Head2Head, we've long been an advocate for leveraging employees' social media profiles (especially LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) to extend the reach of the recruitment function, particularly in terms of building recruitment and employment brands, and for generating candidate referrals. Read More

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3 Tips for Implementing Bill 168 - recruitment companies london

Still struggling to implement Bill 168?

Though the deadline for implementing changes required by Bill 168 has passed, many organizations are still struggling to meet these demands. What recommendations do HR consultants have for those still trying to properly comply with Ontario's new legislation regarding violence and harassment in the workplace? Read More

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Struggling to Engage Employees? Gamification May Be The Answer. - recruitment companies london

People love online games. Why not leverage that?

While the military has long used computer simulations to train fighter pilots and other specialists, and economists have been using game theory for decades to predict market behaviour, there's a new trend on the horizon: Gamification. Read More

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You want candidates to be honest with you - so why aren't you returning the favour? - recruitment companies london

As recruiters, we're always asking our candidates to be more honest with us about their experience, skills, career goals, and background, because it makes it easier for us to market them, easier to match them to the right opportunities - and, let's face it, prevents us from looking like idiots when they go out to an interview with a client. Read More

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How to Write a Fabulous Job Post (Even When You're Tired) - recruitment companies london

All of us like to look at - and admire - those lists of '10 Greatest Job Ads'.  We forward them to our (recruiter) friends, and we know that they attract better applicants, faster.  But sometimes it's 4:30 on a Friday afternoon, you've got to get a couple of jobs posted in time for the weekend browsers, and seems easier just to copy and paste whatever the hiring manager has sent you.  

Don't let that happen to you!  With a little bit of advance planning, a few simple rules, and a handy thesaurus, you too can write a job ad that has originality and sex appeal, even on a Friday afternoon!

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Are you building great relationships with clients? - recruitment companies london

There's a lot of information out there about managing relationships with candidates, but recruiters have another, equally important set of relationships to manage:  Relationships with clients.  Whether those clients are internal (for corporate recruiters) or external (for agency recruiters), successful client management is crucial to recruiting success.  In this month's article, we discuss ways to improve your relationships with clients, in terms of specific job requirements and long-term.

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Recruiting is changing. Are you? - recruitment companies london

In the past few years, more and more Canadian organizations have started to rethink their approach to recruiting:  Instead of dismissing recruiters as 'order takers' and recruiting as simply a glorified application-processing role, they're increasingly recognizing that recruiting is a strategic function that can make a real difference in winning the war for top talent - and a real difference to the bottom line in all kinds of ways.  Whether you're an agency recruiter working on commission or a corporate recruiter working to internal metrics, are you out-performing the competition?

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Getting the culture right: Recruiters can't sell it if it doesn't exist - recruitment companies london

Ask great candidates why they decided to apply to or accept a position at a company and most of the time, they'll give you the same answers:  "I applied because I heard it was a great place to work.  I decided to work there because I got such a good feeling when I first walked in the door, and from everyone I met."

Positive word-of-mouth (the kind that helps spread the word that Acme Inc. is a 'great place to work') and a great 'vibe' (the kind that gives candidates a good feeling when they walk in the door, and informs the interactions they have with the people they meet pre-hire) doesn't just happen by accident.  It's a result of a concerted effort to build a strong, positive organizational culture. 

Recruiters can't sell a fantastic culture if it doesn't exist.  So how do you get the culture right?

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Recruiting 3.0: 5 Characteristics of the New Recruiting Function - recruitment companies london

When organizations could count on always having more candidates than jobs to fill, the recruiting function tended to be seen as administrative rather than strategic:  Recruiters were just the people who processed all the applications because HR or other departments were too busy.

Today, as baby boomers retire out of the workforce en masse, the Canadian economy rebounding well from the 2008-09 recession, and fewer younger workers entering the workforce (and entering it later than previous generations), recruiting for many roles and industries has become a sellers' market.

To win the war for top talent, the new recruiting function has to be strategic, nimble, and accountable.  These 5 characteristics of the recruiting 3.0 are a great opportunity for recruiting professionals.

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Recruiting 3.0: What we'll be thinking about in 2010 - recruitment companies london

It's that time of year again!  The countdown to December 31, during which every recruiting consultant, self-proclaimed guru, visionary, thought leader and badly-dressed pundit starts making their big predictions for the recruiting industry in the year to come.  (And then gives it a title guaranteed to get retweets, like "10 Biggest Recruiting Disasters Coming in 2011", while hoping that by next December, no one will remember that none of them actually happened.) 

Don't worry - we're not going to do that.  But we are going to tell you what we'll be thinking about this year.

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Why recruiting and employment brands are more important than ever - recruitment companies london

Combine the baby boomer exodus with the Gen Y birthrates and the Millennial workplace revolution and you have a talent marketplace that looks a lot different than it did 10 years ago.  The under-30 crowd wants to make a difference, feel invested and passionate in their work, and they have more information about exactly where the employment grass is greener than ever before.  The key to attracting top talent in this environment?  Recruitment and employment branding.

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Recruiting 3.0: From 'order takers' to 'strategic business units' - recruitment companies london

As recruiting becomes increasingly strategic - and less transactional in the eyes of the rest of the organizations, the onus will be on recruiting professionals to raise the bar.  Today's recruiting professionals - whether in a corporate, contract or 'agency' setting - have a real opportunity to advance the profession.


As with all professions, recruiters can help raise their profile - and their respect - by ensuring they're on top of their game.  In a fragmented market, specialists are more valuable than ever.

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Apply Behavioural Based Interviewing Techniques to References - recruitment companies london

BBI (behavioural based interviewing) has long been a key evaluation technique when interviewing candidates for a position.  But it can also be an effective way to elicit information about a potential hire from people the candidate has submitted as references.  This can be particularly helpful when the candidate - or his/her references - aren't senior managers and need prompting to get beyond the basic reliability, competence, etc.

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40 ways to promote your job opportunities - recruitment companies london

Not getting enough candidates?  Or maybe you're just not getting enough great candidates?  Maybe you need to find a way to cut through the clutter to reach the A-listers.  Here's a list of 40 ideas for promoting your job opportunities.  Some of them you're probably already using; some you may never have considered (when was the last time you saw a flash mob at an HR conference?).  Either way, this list is bound to spark some good ideas (and if you come up with one that isn't on the list, let us know - we always like to hear about new and creative ideas!).

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You wasted 250 recruitment marketing opportunities last week alone. - recruitment companies london

Every candidate interaction - from the first time they visit your jobs page to the first day they walk through the door as a new employee - is a marketing opportunity:  It's an opportunity to build your recruitment brand ("We're worth leaving your current job for!"), your employment brand ("This is a great place to work!") and your consumer brand ("Our products and services are fantastic!").  Phone, email and in-person conversations with candidates are especially valuable:  As marketing professionals know, nothing is better for brand-building than one-to-one communications with people who actually want  to interact with you.  You have hundreds of candidate interactions every week - how come you're not using them more effectively?

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Apply Supply Chain Principles to Recruitment - recruitment companies london

The term 'supply chain management' is one of those business terms that you hear a lot, but think maybe you need an MBA to understand.  But in fact, 'supply chain' isn't complicated at all:  It's just a term used to describe the process by which stuff is made, distributed and sold.  Supply chain management is all about making that process more efficient.  The same principles can be applied to recruiting - and they can make a big difference in efficiency, efficacy - and the bottom line.

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Tags: strategy

The 2-Minute Interview (and other ways to streamline interviewing) - recruitment companies london

Ah, the interview process.  So critical, yet so time-consuming;  so potentially illuminating, yet so potentially problematic.  And as any recruiter - corporate or agency - will tell you, if a recruiting project or engagement is going to get bogged down anywhere, it's going to be at the interviewing stage.  Scheduling alone - especially if the candidate needs to be interviewed by multiple people in the organization -can prove a nigh-on insurmountable challenge.  In this article, we offer some tips to streamline the interview process and keep the process on track.

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Effective Telephone Screening: Plan First, Talk Second! - recruitment companies london

Telephone screening (or T2T, to use industry jargon) can easily be the most time-consuming - and administratively taxing - part of the recruitment lifecycle, especially in high-volume projects.  Done right, it can cut your time-to-hire and cost-per-hire dramatically.  Done wrong, it'll exponentially increase your resourcing time (and have you pulling your hair out in the process).  The key to great T2T results?  Plan first, using the 3 steps outlined below.

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Vision + A Little Self-Promotion = Recognized Expert - recruitment companies london

You may be the leading Canadian authority on recruiting in your industry or market segment, but are you really perceived as an expert by your colleagues and senior management?  One of the biggest challenges recruiting professionals face, particularly in a corporate setting, is being perceived as strategic, big-picture thinkers rather than transactional 'salespeople' who just put bodies in seats.  This article discusses how to position yourself within the organization and how having a strategic recruiting 'vision' can make a big difference.

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Tags: personal brand, thought leadership, strategy

The Best Offense is a Good Defense: Learn from your competition - recruitment companies london

Now that the economy is back on track, the A-list performers who kept their heads down during the recessionary period of 2008-2009 are thinking about making a move - and your competition knows it.  But don't panic:  Thanks to the internet, it's easier than ever to keep tabs on your competition, who and where they're recruiting, and how their compensation packages compare with yours.  Staying aware of what your competitors are doing will help ensure you win the war for top talent.

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Metrics: The Measure of Success - recruitment companies london

Metrics are important for recruiting and recruiting professionals for two reasons:  First, they help improve efficiency and effectiveness of recruiting efforts, with knowledge based on facts rather than anecdotes and 'gut feelings', which is good for the business.  Second, they help quantify an individual recruiter's contribution to the business - which is not only good for the organization, but great for you (as a recruiter) when it's time for annual reviews or bonuses.  If you haven't established recruiting metrics before, this article will help get you started.

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What's worse than no CRM? Bad CRM. - recruitment companies london

Regardless of what the 'C' in 'CRM' means to you - whether it's Candidate, Client or Champion - it's all about meeting or exceeding expectations whenever you interact with a stakeholder.  When CRM is non-existent, those expectations stay low, so you avoid disappointing people.  When CRM is bad, however, you end up falling short of expectations, and the resultant disappointment can be far more damaging to your brand than no CRM at all. 

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Create a personal brand from scratch in 5 easy steps - recruitment companies london

If you're reading this - i.e. if you're participating in an industry-specific online community resource like - you probably know that building a personal brand is increasingly important for your long-term career, especially if you ever want to charge clients $100+/hour or sign exclusive retainer agreements.  Here are 5 easy steps to starting to build your personal brand - it's easier than you think...

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Creative Sourcing for Cheapskates - recruitment companies london

Remember when advertising a job or building a talent pool meant spending $500 to post it on a job board somewhere, or spending $5000 to get a recruiter to look through their database?  These days, $500 (or less) can buy you an awful lot of sourcing - and deliver candidates faster than job boards or recruiting agencies ever could....

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Making metrics more relevant - recruitment companies london

Metrics:  The most important part of the recruiting lifecycle, or just another headache you have to manage?  We give you some quick tips to help you make your metrics more relevant - and go beyond the traditional numbers.  Remember:  The more you can produce data about recruiting results, the more likely it is that you'll look like a recruiting rockstar...

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6 Ways to get better results from uncooperative hiring managers - recruitment companies london

Hiring managers and recruiters:  Like oil and water?  Most recruiters and hiring managers say that one of their top 5 challenges is dealing with one another.  Because most hiring managers aren't on the front lines with candidates on a daily basis, and their focus tends to be internal, it can sometimes seem like they're doing their best to scupper recruiters' efforts to source, screen and secure the best candidates.  Recruiters, on the other hand, can be so eager to take action that they tend to focus on the tactical rather than the strategic.  Here are 6 tips to help recruiters work smarter with hiring managers.

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