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Head2Head can connect you to more corporate recruitment roles than any other firm in Canada.

Regarded as the source for recruitment talent, organizations come to us first when they’re looking for someone new to join their team. We work with a wide range of organizations, from fast-growing entrepreneurial firms to international industry leaders and public sector organizations. Our clients represent a diverse range of industries, including: professional services, consulting, pharmaceuticals, finance and capital markets, mining, IT and software, consumer packaged goods, and retail.

As recruiters ourselves, we know what makes a recruiter great – and the importance of the right cultural and skills fit to the success of your placement. We work to understand who you are, where you can excel, and the type of organization where you can make the greatest contribution. Our collaborative focus is the key to our success – and why so many top recruiters return to us when they’re ready for their next career move.

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We’ve helped countless recruiters move from agency and contract into corporate recruitment positions suited to their skills, experience, and areas of industry expertise. If you’re an agency recruiter with excellent communications skills, client-facing experience, and a process-driven mentality, then a corporate recruitment role may be the right move for you.

We’ve also helped recruitment professionals transition into a range of Human Resources and Sales positions that leverage their unique competencies. We’re happy to discuss the new directions your recruitment career could take.


, or contact Beverly Marinucci, our Head of Delivery, to discuss the type of opportunities that fit your career goals.
“Once again, Head2Head has proven to be a good resource in my career, and stands out from all the others in a saturated market.” – A Head2Head Candidate