And we’re looking for you! As the first Canadian company to provide contract recruiters as an alternative to agency use, it’s no wonder that we’ve built a reputation as the best source for recruitment talent. With strong partnerships with a wide range of firms all across the nation, we’re also your top resource for contract recruitment opportunities.

We regularly place recruiters for on-site customer contracts, virtual roles, part-time/as-needed work, and projects with our Solutions division. While we're located in Toronto, we can connect you to opportunities across Canada.  Tell us what you’re interested in, and we’ll find the right opportunity for you.

WHY WORK WITH HEAD2HEAD? - medical sales recruitment

No other firm can connect you to the same range of contract and project recruiting roles as Head2Head – but that’s just one reason that recruiters return to us time and again. Why else do top recruitment professionals love Head2Head?


People become contract recruiters for many reasons. We work to understand not only your skills and experience, but your motivations, career goals, and the type of work that suits your needs so we can find you the best possible fit.


For recruiters looking to reduce the uncertainty in their careers, we help find your next placement quickly to minimize your downtime. With our range of business partnerships, new opportunities for contract recruiters develop daily.

SUPPORT: - medical sales recruitment

We’ve got your back. As a Head2Head recruiter, you will have the as-needed support and advice of our recruitment experts and internal team. (And for the latest information, don’t forget the tools and articles in our online .)


For individuals who require more flexibility, we engage recruiters on projects requiring as little as ten hours per week. These positions can be great if you’re returning to the market after maternity/paternity leave, looking to build your Canadian experience, or just want to supplement your income.


Working with us isn’t like working with a typical agency. We care about our recruiters, are invested in your development, and do everything we can to help ensure that working with Head2Head stands out as one of the best experiences in your career.

Interested in becoming a Head2Head recruiter? , or talk to Beverly Marinucci, our Head of Delivery, about your next opportunity.
“Thanks for all your help and hard work to link me into various opportunities! I am a champion of Head2Head, and have again been reminded how much fun and value I get from working with the team there.” – A Head2Head Recruiter