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Use of a contingent workforce is an effective strategy for many businesses, especially during times of economic instability. Yet management of contractors, consultants, and temporary/seasonal staff members can place a significant burden on internal resources, while presenting business risks on multiple fronts.

Head2Head’s Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) solution is designed to help our customers manage their contingent workforce, and associated administrative processes. This outsourced payroll solution not only helps reduce your co-employment risk and related costs through the effective management and administration of your nonpermanent staff, but also drives cost savings through increased transparency, reporting, and analytics.


Head2Head supports all contractor types (Incorporated, Sole Proprietors, and temporary employees), in all Canadian provinces. We underwrite all appropriate insurance and WSIB coverage, and fully indemnify our customers from statutory remittances (EI and CPP) and CRA scrutiny.

Our services are:
All processes are fully customizable to your needs and workforce composition.
New contractors are onboarded within 24 hours.
We provide quick setup, comprehensive support, and a single point of contact for all communications.
Our proven services are backed by ADP.
We provide measurable customer service tracking for both clients and contractors, supported by regular feedback surveys.
We provide comprehensive support for contingent staff members, including personalized assistance, business setup and tax support, online timesheet submission and contract renewals, performance management reviews, and a range of engagement and morale programs.
For more information on how we can help you effectively manage your contract consultants and temporary employees, and improve the efficiency of your payroll, please contact .
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